1. What do you offer?

    We offer a variety of products under the category of electronics products and accessories including wireless headset, laptop adapter, charger, iPad pen, refurbished laptop charger, LCD Flat Panel Monitor, Power cord Compatible, and so on. We serve you with electronics products and accessories in the fairway, working under the legal regulations.

  2. Why choose your services?

    The best opportunity to select our services is the facility of the online market, as you can get all the products via online services. With this, we facilitate you with one-day delivery service and offer you ease to buy the products services, and the discount prices.

  3. Which region targeted by you?

    Ozark is an online brand of ElectronicsCrazy. This renowned brand serves the customers of Singapore. Similarly, Ozark also serves the same and targets the customers of Singapore.

  4. How to approach you?

    We have the online page https://getozark.com/products , where we serve you 24/7. Our employees and customer care representatives are always ready to facilitate you in every possible way.

  5. What are the values of this online market place?

    We serve our customers particularly by focusing on independent identity. We want to identify the needs and wants of our customers by setting high standards. We work by considering the open communication and serve you with ongoing facilities. Not limited to this, we serve our customers by focusing the trust, appreciation, reliability and creativity of the products to give you the ease.

  6. Do you have any warranty facility for the products we buy?

    Yes, we have. You can find 2 years’ warranty for all of our products as we mainly focus on your satisfaction.

  7. If in case, the customer has any query or complaint, what we need to do as a customer?

    If, in any case of query or any other scenario, you can visit our official website and get instant help from the customer care department. We have a customer care department that will serve you 24/7 and we try our level best to satisfy our customers. Through our 24/7 customer support and helpline service, you can contact us regarding any query or question.

  8. How can I buy an electronics product or any electronics accessory from you?

    You can easily buy electronics products or any electronics accessories just by visiting our official page. We update you with all new varieties of products and accessories to fulfil your needs. We ensure to facilitate you with all kinds of electronics products.

  9. Is there any other place to find your products in the electronics market in Singapore?

    No, not so really. We are the only company to keep electronics products. But yes, as we are the brand of ElectronicsCrazy, you can find our products and electronics accessories on their official page as well.

  10. Have you offered delivery services?

    Yes, we have delivery services to facilitate you with the products you order at your doorstep. Plus, we have same-day delivery service too. Ozark’s same-day-delivery service ensures that your packages are delivered to you in a quick way. Our focus is to maintain a fast-pace delivery network, as we have a network of thousands of suppliers across Singapore in order to command the local deliveries.

  11. Who are your delivery partners?

    We are working with the same delivery partners that are of ElectronicsCrazy, as our delivery partner. You can include Qexpress, signpost and Nina Van as our delivery partners.

  12. Is there any discount or sales of the products you offer?

    Definitely, we have. Ozark offers you amazing discount packages that help to buy more and more. We also open up some mega sales on all the major festivals observed in Singapore. Our discount and sales packages are applicable for all our products. You can visit our official website to keep yourself updated. So continue purchasing there and get mega sales and discounts.

  13. What are your payment methods?

    Ozark is an online market place where you can order any electronics product or accessory online only. But, you can pay the amount as per your feasibility. You have the option of payment via cash on delivery and online payment method. You can choose any of the payment methods among PayPal, Master Card, VISA card, and other sources as mentioned on our official website.

  14. How do we become a member of Ozark?

    You need to register yourself as a member of Ozark. Our registration method is so easy to understand. All you need is to add your email address and that’s it.

  15. What are the benefits I get after being a registered member?

    Once you register yourself as a permanent member of Ozark, you can speed up future your purchasing. You can easily get the facility to log in at any time to check your order statuses. With this, the registered member can get the number of benefits from the online store of electronics products.

  16. What are the terms and conditions of the Ozark?

    The online company reserves the right to terminate accounts any time, edit the content, refuse service for any reason, or cancel orders due to any emergency issues. The company Ozark do not allow any of the customer to violate the policy as in any of the condition, the company reserves the right to take strict actions. Some of the action against any violation of the official policy from the customer end includes;

    • Suspension/termination of the account
    • Cancellation of Item Listing(s) at any time
    • Damage of Settlement Amount due to any violation
    • Claim for damages if any

  17. What is the buyer protection you provided to serve the customers?

    Ozark protects our customers with high-quality products and some guarantees to ensure their satisfaction. You can buy the products with confidence as we give you protection on the following themes;

    • Your ordered item did not deliver at the mentioned time communicating by the seller.
    • You did not receive the same products as you ordered or mentioned in the description.
    • You did any fake item or products by the company however the description was assured to be genuine.