Sooner or later, your business will have to deal with an overwhelming amount of data due to the explosion of data from social media, mobility, video delivery, and high-performance applications. Your IT network becomes overloaded, leading to outages and poor application delivery. The IT network is the backbone of your organization. It has a significant impact on your business productivity in the areas of application and service delivery, real-time collaboration, and business process implementation.

OZARK provides network equipment such as routers, switches, modems and end-to-end network solutions for high availability, accelerated application delivery and performance.

  • Scale
  • Density
  • Performance
  • Value

Today's networks require predictable performance and take much better account of application flows than traditional static device addressing networks. Enterprise networks have historically been designed for specific applications, while new cloud designs in the data center can address a variety of applications. This is clearly a radical departure from today's overbooked networks, where delays and high transmission latencies are inherent.

This includes:

  • High frequency financial trading applications
  • High performance computing (HPC)
  • Clustered compute applications
  • Video on Demand
  • Network storage access
  • Web analytics, Map-Reduce, Database, or Search Queries
  • Virtualization


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With Juniper Networks, OZARK can create the innovations that help you move your business forward. Together we can addresses your business priorities around some of the biggest challenges facing businesses today:

  • The role of the network in maximizing the cloud
  • Planning, scaling, and automating the data center
  • Creating value by delivering new services faster
  • New approaches to data and network security