Service Provider:

Rackspace recently published a report that says nearly 69% respondents have dropped IT Suppliers in the past 12 months due to service shortfalls.

To build a smart IT Infrastructure is a challenge, and to operate it smoothly is a bigger challenge. Organizations have always wanted to have a very reliable and highly available Infrastructure that is optimized for efficiency and cost.

OZARK has been offering such services for nearly 10 years now. Here below you’ll find some of your peers that we work with:

And, take a look below at the depth and breadth of services we offer.
Server Architecture Cloud Hosting services Server Mgmt Network & Security Mgmt Desktop Mgmt
Network Architecture Biz Application Hosting & Maintenance IT Helpdesk IT Helpdesk IT Helpdesk
LAN Cabling DNS Managemente Server Monitoring IT Asset Mgmt IT Asset Mgmt
Transition, Re-location planning Email Hosting Mgmt System Administration Router & Switch Mgmt Workstation Activity Monitoring
Infrastructure Project Management Middleware Messaging System Security Internet Connectivity & Bandwidth Monitoring Remote Installation Services
Facilities & Asset Management FTP / File server Management Server upgrade & migration VPN & Firewall Admin Health mgmt (disk cleanup, defrag)
Grid Computing Security Server backup & restore Intrusion Detection & Prevention Services Security Patch mgmt
Green IT Back-up, Disaster Recovery Server virtualization Anti-virus, Anti-spam Anti-virus, Anti-spam
Do you have any challenges in any of the above areas?

OZARK addresses your concerns in the following ways:

  • Past Experience: OZARK has been in existence for nearly 10 years, and we know the Infrastructure space quite well having worked with SMEs and Enterprises
  • As a learning organization: Operational issues are bound to happen. Our ‘Lessons Learnt’ sessions captures, documents and communicates these lessons, and have measurement protocols in place to prevent or minimize issues in the future
  • Best Practices: OZARK employs industry best practices (ITIL, COBIT etc) wherever applicable
  • Risk & Reward based SLA: We understand you are taking a risk. We understand your concerns. In order to alleviate your concerns, we are open to Risk Vs Reward based SLA terms
  • Progressive Savings: Our support services are fine tuned to offer gradual reduction in support issues by means of service automation that leads to reduction in support personnel over a period of time. Yes, we disrupt our own business, but that’s the best way we can serve you and seek for more opportunities to serve you